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Title of Negotiations
DisciplineSocial Sciences
Double Blind Peer Review
Edited byMushtaq Ahmad Imtiaz
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Mehkan Punjabi Adabi Board (Pakistani)
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12 weeks

تحقیق و تدوین میں مخطوطہ شناسی کی اہمیت

مصنف/مصنفین: خان، محمد طاہر بوستان

Manuscript is a handwritten book. The writer of such book is known as "khattat". In the field of research editing and Makhtoota hold primary position. No research is possible without it. Editing is the farther goal than research. Therefore, being an expert in the manuscript is an obligatory factor for editing Manuscripts are the richest treasure of the human civilization, and their great contribution. They are the chronological records of past memories, incidents and circumstances. They need great expertise to understand these. A person who is not capable expert of manuscripts, he can’t carry out the research or editing task effectively.

عبد الحق کی اقبال شناسی

مصنف/مصنفین: اقبال، محمد عامر

Abdul Haq, India’s most popular researcher and literary figure, got retirement from the University of Delhi as dean of the Department of Urdu. For the very first time in India, he selected Iqbaliat as his doctorate topic. His books on Iqbaliat highlighted various unexplored topics and personalities. He presented and preached Iqbal’s thoughts and quotations exactly the way Iqbal wanted them to be presented. His articles on Iqbal always received great appreciation from all the literary circles and conferences in which he presented them. As a profound lover and having an understanding of Iqbal’s poetry, he gave new dimensions to his poetry, previously unknown to the world. Furthermore, as a researcher, he discussed numerous scholars who claimed to have an understanding of Iqbal’s poetry and analyzed their work critically. The current study is an acknowledgement of Professor Abdul Haq’s endeavors in the field of education, literature and his services for Iqbaliat. Moreover, the present study encompasses his written publications on the topic of Iqbaliat.

سیرت نگاری کی مشرقی و مغربی روایت: منتخب مصنفین کا تقابلی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: فیاض، فوزیہ

In the past, mode of Sirah writing was historical and descriptive but during the 19th century, this trend has been changed to the empirical research methodology. Due to religious devotion, unauthentic narrations were not judged and had been quoted constantly in Sirah literature on which orientalists laid the foundation of their objections. In response, various books are produced introducing argumentative, logical and scholarly way of writing to defend “Sirah of Prophet (PBUH)”. Question is what are the motives and causes which have changed classical trend of Sirah writing and what are its consequences? In this paper, a comparative analysis will be taken of books of Eastern Muslim scholars; Rehmatullah Keranwi, Syed Ahmad Khan, Karam Shah Alazhari, Shibli Noumani, Sana ullah Amertasri as well as Western Muslim scholars Mohammad Hussain Haykel, Hameed ullah, and Mohammad Asad. This paper will elaborate the difference between both of their research methodology and its effect in the field of Sirah writing and will be helpful for researchers.

قدیم پنجابی زبان: ہڑپا وادی دی زبان

مصنف/مصنفین: شاہد، رزاق

There are different theories about languages in the world. Linguistics provided different views on the origin of different languages. The Punjabi language is a one of the oldest languages in the world. According to my view, its origin is Dakan, Punjab, Sind etc. This article explores the effects of the Harappan Era on the Punjabi language. Historical references have been made to prove that the language of Harappa was ancient Punjabi.

مرزا بیدل: شاعر اخلاق

مصنف/مصنفین: رعد، عثمان غنی

Mirza Bedil is a famous and well renowned poet of his era and after his era. His poetry has very poetically and lyrically characteristics, thoughts of his poetry also influenced on Urdu and Persian language. Even big poets of Urdu and Persian Ghalib and Iqbal inspired by Bedil’s poetry style and thoughts. Bedil’s poetry has many ethically manners, mystically thoughts, secrets of life and also thoughts of life’s movement to forward. In this article must present the ethically and good manners aspects of Bedil’s poetry, according to life, mystic, God, earth and other aspects of daily life.

Orientalist Perspectives in Ellis’s Breadwinner Trilogy: A Postcolonial Critique

Author: Jabeen, Suria, Saleem Akhtar Khan
The study critically engages with the issue of continuity of the orientalist rhetoric in the contemporary literary yields. To establish and substantiate the argument, the researchers have analyzed Deborah Ellis’s Breadwinner Trilogy (2009) that comprises Breadwinner, Parvana’s Journey, and Mud City. All the three fictional narratives claims to have represented the life of the Pakistani and Afghani characters who have been shown to face the existential threats in the wake of the insecurities that have engulfed the region. However, the study contends, the Canadian writer has also given way to the parochial psychological and sociological schema that has been held as the prime representational trope regarding the East, that is, Orientalism. The qualitative and textual approach has facilitated the researchers to negotiate the identified thematic patterns with the interpretive freedom. In this regard, framing the fictional representation into the Saidian critique of the orientalist discourse, the study explicates the reductive approach of the writer and exposes the latent ideological triggers working under the manifest humanist projections. Thus, the study strengthens the postcolonial stance and, therefore, will sharpen the Pakistani students’ understanding of the current socio-literary debates.