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Journal of World Researches 
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Title of Journal of World Researches
DisciplineSocial Sciences
Editorial Review
Edited bySyed Tahir Shah
Publication details
BWO Researches Pvt Ltd (Pakistani)
Open Access
ISO 4Find out here
ISSN2791-0962 (print)
2791-0970 (web)
24 weeks

Journal of World Researches (JWR) is a bi-annual, double-blind, peer-reviewed, and open access research journal. It is dedicated to the publication of research in diverse fields of social sciences regarding current issues of the world. Research articles on world issues, more broadly based on contemporary research are considered for publication or instances where the editors find the material especially relevant to the objectives of the Journal. The journal accepts submissions in English and Urdu languages. If you are considering submitting an article to the Journal, please take careful notice of the Journal's requirements regarding its scope, objectives, reference style, format, etc.

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Aims & Scope

Aims and Objectives:

Journal of World Researches (JWR) has the following aims/Objectives:

To encourage advanced scholarly research on contemporary issues of the modern era.

To welcomes academic researchers to get their writings published in all domains of social sciences especially multidisciplinary collaborative research.

To publish articles after a blind peer-review process, which is carried out by leading specialists in social sciences areas of interest that have close associations with contemporary world research.

To develop diversity, tolerance, and fruitful scholarly discussions and research.

JWR also welcomes scholars around the world to publish their worthy research on its platform without any ethnic, geographical, or religious discrimination.

Contact Info


House 123, St. 6, Rawal Town Islamabad

Principal Contact

Dr Syed Aftab Alam

BWO Researche Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan

dr. a. aalam2015@gmail. com

Support Contact

Ms Arifa Bilal

jarh. bwo@gmail. com