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Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Economy and Management Study 
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Title of Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Economy and Management Study
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Asian Multicultural Research Studies (Taiwan)
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Analysis of Sales Predictions from the Point of View of the Increase in Daily Newspaper Sales

Author: Rahman, Rahis, Mehmood Faheem, Zeda Peerzada
This study aims at Analysis of Sales Predictions from the Point of View of the Increase in Daily Newspaper Sales. The methods of this research is gather evidence through a variety of approaches, including library analysis and field research. This paper makes use of both qualitative and quantitative evidence. Primary data sources, namely data collected from respondents or direct interviews with business executives, specifically about marketing strategies, especially those relating to promotion. Secondary evidence.  Promotional operations are carried out optimally, which is facilitated by sufficient costs, especially in potential areas. Apart from repeat buyers, the organization offers its goods in store, which enables the company to monitor its output figures accurately and seamlessly.

Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Employee Performance Through Work Stress at the Regional Office of the East Java I Directorate General of Customs

Author: Komar, Irsan
This study aims to analyze the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Employee Performance through Work Stress at the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, East Java I. This research method is an explanatory research, the analysis unit in this study is employees who work in the Directorate General of Customs and Excise Office. East Java I region, which consists of 80 structural officials, 79 functional officials and 1323 executive staff. The method of collecting research data using a questionnaire. The results showed that organizational culture affects the work stress of employees at the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, East Java I, this shows that organizational culture is able to increase the work stress of employees of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, East Java. Organizational culture influences the performance of the employees of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, East Java I, this shows that with a good and appropriate organizational culture, it is able to increase the performance of the employees of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, East Java I. New organizational culture that also improves Employee stress, namely the imposition of input into daily work activity reports by employees in the daily logbook through an internet-based application with details on the types of activities, time norms, achievement targets and employee daily problems for all levels of employees, both structural, functional and executive.

Digital Marketing and Creative Economy Theory in Economic Development During the Pandemic

Author: Shin, Hsu Yu, May Shun Mynt
Changes in the world require a company to make innovations that are necessary in order to survive the onslaught of other companies' innovations, especially similar companies. a new economic concept that focuses on information and creativity that relies on creative ideas and knowledge from human resources for the main production factors. Creative economynowadays it is increasingly being carried out by the people, especially the younger generation in country because they feel this is a profession that is suitable to be done. Information technology is also needed in the distribution, promotion and sales transaction processes so that the process runs more effectively and efficiently. The potential for the development of this industry is due to several factors, namely the development of information technology as the main factor develops rapidly, access to information centers via the internet is much easier, the social innovation process runs smoothly, each region has a unique local cultural potential and the openness of society to modern culture, there are sources of knowledge such as many campuses that are a source of quality human resources, have high creativity and innovation.

The Relationship Between Competence and Job Satisfaction on the Performance of Private Madrasah Tsanawiyah Teachers in the City of Surabaya

Author: Supriyanto, Supriyanto, Amiartuti Kusmaningtyas, Riyadi Nugroho
This study aims to discuss the relationship between competence and job satisfaction on the performance of private Madrasah Tsanawiyah teachers in the city of Surabaya. The research method used is the type of research used that is explanatory with a quantitative approach with a sample size of 244 of 628 teachers from 44 private Madrasah Tsanawiyah in the city of Surabaya). The results showed that teachers’ competence had an effect on teachers’ job satisfaction with a value of 0.184. Teachers’ competence affected teachers’performance with a value of 0.118. Teachers’ job satisfaction affected teachers’ performance with a value of 0.222. Teachers’ job satisfaction on teachers’  performance showed a high influence with a CR value of 2.772 (greater than 2.00) and a significance level (p-value) of 0.006 (less than 5%). It can be concluded that teachers’ competence affected teachers’ job satisfaction and teachers’ competence affected teachers’  performance. Teachers’ job satisfaction had a strong effect on teachers’ performance.

Public Management: A New Public Service Oriented Concept of Public Service

Author: Benson, Linh, Huay Thúy Thanh, Bảo Nga Thao
This article discusses the application of the new public service concept in serving the public. This is based on the Public Administration Problem in its development which has gone through several stages. As one of the countries in the world, of course, it is part of the global administration system, which always develops in accordance with the development of contradictions and mutual relations between nations in the world. So that the implementation of the new public service can have an impact on the implementation of the New Public Service with an awareness of the real role of the state. It is no longer authoritarian or still chooses who has the right to receive services from the State. In the current context, the practice of Public Administration has led to the principles of the New Public Service paradigm.

Impact of Interest Loan, Growth of Regional Gross Domestic Product, Inflation and Economic Growth on Loans at Credit Union in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Author: Maran, Maran
Loans or credits offered by Kopdit credit unions are a potential source of funds that need to be developed, to help accelerate the home industry and the micro and small economies. Therefore, we want to see the impact of several conditions such as the loan interest rate, GDP per capita growth, inflation rate and economic growth. Quite a number of studies have looked at the impact of interest rates, GDP growth, inflation rates and economic growth on loans or credits to banks or banking institutions. We do not look at credit or loans from banks, but on Kopdit credit unions (CU). The results of our research show that simultaneously the loan interest rate, GDP growth, inflation rate and economic growth have a strong enough influence on loans at Credit Union Credit Unions, namely 79.2454%. Partially the variable of loan interest rate, GDP growth per capita, inflation rate affects outstanding loans, while economic growth partially has no effect on outstanding loans.

The Influence of Leadership Style on the Effectiveness of Office Management in Integrated Services Business Offices

Author: Hsing-Lee, Wu Hsing-Lee
The aim of this analysis was to ascertain the degree to which the Head of the Integrated Business Services Office's Leadership Style affects the efficacy of the Integrated Business Services Office's management. In data analysis, a descriptive study of one variable was performed to determine the percentage trend of each test variable; second, the commodity moment correlation formula was used to analyze variable relationships; and third, a basic equation model was used to analyze the impact relationship between the independent and dependent variables. The data for this study were processed using a micro statistical program with the assistance of a computer program. The data analysis and interpretation of the study's hypotheses indicate that there is a significant relationship and influence between the variable leadership style of the Integrated Business Services Office's Head and the effectiveness of the Integrated Business Services Office's management, at the 5% significance level or P = 0, 05, respectively.

Human Resources Development: Women Role Optimization in the Local Government Bureaucracy in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Author: Nuraisyah, Nuraisyah, Muhammad Ahsan Samad
Research on gender roles in relation to government bureaucratic structures is still minimal. This study aims to find answers to the main problem, namely how the role of women in the local government bureaucracy seen from human resource development aspect in Central Sulawesi Province. This research is a qualitative descriptive study which aims to create a picture of the gender presentation in the bureaucratic staffing and the role of women. The subjects of this study were women who hold echelons. The data collection technique used in this study was literature review. For the validity of the data, the cross check technique was used. The data analysis technique used is the inductive analysis technique. The results showed that the role of women in the local government bureaucracy in Central Sulawesi was still not fully implemented. The echelon holder ratio is still dominated by men. However, it is possible that this ratio will change over time.

The Effect of Multi Channel Retailing, Cooperation Synergity and Accounting Information Systems on Business Development Strategies That Impact on Business

Author: Royan, Franciscus Musa, Dyah Sawitri, Slamet Riyadi
In this study the researchers chose the research object, namely a building material trading company in Sampit, Central Kalimantan named PT. Samudra Mas Group. The urgency of this study is to determine whether the multi-channel retailing variable, cooperation synergy and accounting information systems affect business development strategies and ultimately have an impact on company performance. This is to ensure the use of a business development strategy for the next 5 years. The study was conducted using respondents who are employees of PT. Samudra Mas Group, which has director positions to middle management and has the authority to make decisions in company operations. Respondents amounted to 70 people. This research measurement method using Smart PLS Professional 3.0. Pulling data by observation, interviews and distributing questionnaires. The results showed that multi-channel retailing, synergy of cooperation and accounting information systems significantly influence business development strategies. As well as a business development strategy to mediate multi-channel retailing that affects business performance.

Implementation of a National Identity Number-Based Identity Card Policy in Pasangkayu Regency

Author: Sadek, Irfan Rusli, Juraid Abdul Latief, Nawawi Natsir, Daswati Daswati
The policy development mechanism for the national identity number -based electronic ID card software is described in this report. In this analysis, a qualitative procedure was used in conjunction with a case study technique. The total number of informants was 19. Employees from the government who work on the national identity number -based electronic identification card software make up this group. The culture is often used as a source of information in this report. The findings of the study indicate that; Every organ and implementor personnel at every level in every Pasangkayu sub-district office understands and implements national Identity Number -based electronic identification card policy requirements and goals, namely: first, citizens with a identification card condition have the right to get a electronic identification card, which the government is required to promote. Second, get closer to the position where the community resides, in this case the office respective districts, such that the community is not inconvenienced and burdened, must go to the Disdukcapil office in the district capital. Third, since these programs are provided free of charge or at no expense to government, this approach would not impose an economic burden. Fourth, this proposal has little effect on the district's spending schedule. As a result, success policy is essentially an evaluation of how well expectations and policy priorities have been met. As a result, the policy's standards and objectives must be practical and specifically targeted, and any implementation entity (implementor) must be aware of the policy's standards and objectives.

Potential Analysis of Rural and Urban Land and Building Taxes in Minahasa Regency

Author: Momongan, Erwin, Itje Pangkey, Jeane Langkai
The purpose of this study is to analyze the contribution of  Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax (PBB-P2) to Minahasa Regency Regional Revenue, the determinant factor of PBB-P2 revenue which has the most tax objects/subjects but has not contributed to Minahasa Regency Locally-generated revenue (PAD) and Strategies in seeking PBB-P2 in Minahasa Regency to provide real contribution to local revenue. This research method includes a qualitative approach and a quantitative approach to the BPPRETDA case study method. SWOT-Quadrant Analysis. The results of quadrant 1 position score 0.29 external opportunities & 0.12 internal strengths. Progressive action, the SO matrix is recommended by BPPRETDA to increase (NJOP & tax rate 0.3%), increase (officer education, facilities & tax revenue sharing), and collect PBB-P2 data. Potential Determination of Rp.134,128,478,400,- (11% Regional Revenue). It is necessary to determine the (Selling Value of Tax Object (NJOP) of land and buildings to be increased to near market prices with office work and field inspections and to support education, training for officers is needed to continue to be carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance or independently by the Regional Government.

An Empirical Evaluation of Budget Implementation on Economic Development in Nigeria

Author: C, Okafor M., Raphael S Etim, Udeme Okon Efanga
One of the primary goals of this study was to explore how a budget review approach may affect Nigeria's economic development. The reasoning was that the Nigerian economy was being challenged by a variety of imbalances in budget creation and implementation. The study strategy was based on events that occurred after the study was completed, and the data used in the study came from the Central Bank Statistical Bulletin and the Federal Ministry of Finance. A model was constructed based on both empirical and theoretical investigations in order to achieve this broad goal. The HDI, which was utilized as a measure of development, was the dependent variable in the model. The government's capital budget, recurrent budget, and the speed of annual budget implementation were the other independent variables in the model. They examined data using the Auto Regressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Model, diagnostic tests such as the test of normality, auto correlation test, and heteroskedasticity test, which proved the validity and reliability of the model they chose; inferential results reveal that the use of budget evaluation had a positive and significant impact on the Nigerian economy. According to the study's suggestions, Nigeria's government should try to increase capital and recurrent expenditures in its annual budget, both of which have a significant impact on economic development. Finally, the government should work to build budget monitoring and review infrastructure that will aid in the effective implementation of large budget expenditures while also ensuring compliance with legal procedures.

Relationship Between Service Quality and Customer Delight and Customer Loyalty at the Fitness Center Business in East Java

Author: Hadiwijaya, Ony Thoyib, Amiartuti Kusmaningtyas, Abdul Halik
This article aims to analyze the relationship between Service Quality and Customer Delight and Customer Loyalty at the Fitness Center Business in East Java. This research method This research is an explanatory research. The unit of analysis in this study is the individual. The respondents of this research are members of the Fitness Center in East Java. The population in this study were all fitness members in the East Java region who during 2019-2020 years extended their membership at least twice and were in East Java, especially the Kartosusilo Gate area which includes the cities of Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Lamongan. The number of sufficient samples is 365 respondents. The results show that Service Quality has no significant effect on customer delight. This is because with standard equipment and services, members feel happy. Likewise, the characteristics of the majority of fitness center members are individuals who feel quite happy with the situation and conditions provided by the manager, thereby indicating that the Service Quality at the current Fitness Center business in East Java has not been able to encourage an increase in customer delight. The results of this study also show that Service Quality has a significant effect on Customer Loyality, thus Service Quality at the current Fitness Center business in East Java can encourage the increase in Customer Loyality. Given the large role of service quality on customer loyalty, it is recommended that companies always maintain and improve service quality at the Fitness Center business in East Java.

Utilization of Fad Distribution in South Buton Waters As a Fishing App by Purse Sein Fishermen in Kadatua District, Selatan Buton Regency

Author: Hamar, Bahtiar, Abdul Hadi Bone
Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD's) have long been used by fishermen in South Buton Regency. This study aims to determine the utilization of FAD distribution as a fishing aid by purse sein vessels in the waters of Kadatua District, South Buton Regency. This study aims to determine the utilization of FAD distribution as a fishing tool by purse sein vessels in Kadatua District, South Buton Regency. Data collection methods include FAD point data taken from GPS (Global Position System) fishermen and dominant catch data from purse sein fishermen. The results of the study obtained data on the distribution of FADs in Kadatua District spread between a distance of 0-12 miles, during the study the coordinates of FADs were obtained as many as 79 coordinate points owned by fishermen in Kadatua District. FADs used by purse sein fishermen to carry out fishing operations have 24 FAD points, which are spread over a distance of 0 – 12 miles. In April the distribution of FADs used as fishing aids by purse sein vessels was at a distance of ± 0 – 12 miles, while in May and June FADs used as fishing aids were at a distance of ± 2 – 12 miles. The dominant fish catch data for purse sein fishermen is 690 kg in April, 525 kg in May and 735 kg in June. The dominant catch during the study was dominated by scad fish (Decapterus spp). The level of effectiveness of the dominant catch of purse sein fishermen is highest at a distance of 4-12 miles with a total catch of 1,070 kg of the total catch of 1,950 kg.