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Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Economy and Management Study 
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Title of Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Economy and Management Study
Double Blind Peer Review
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Asian Multicultural Research Studies (Taiwan)
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Reflections on the Economy of Asean Countries in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: Benson, Linh, Tienne Nhung
This article discusses the Economic Reflections of Asean countries in facing the Covid-19 Pandemic in several Asean countries, namely Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Vietnam's economic growth was victorious, the economies of various countries in other Southeast Asian regions were battered by the corona virus. The process of economic growth is influenced by two kinds of factors, namely economic factors and non-economic factors. Economic factors, which are none other than production factors, are the main force affecting economic growth. Malaysia has proven to the world community that its country is capable of managing its economy even in challenging circumstances. He quoted the IMF as global economy recorded negative growth and in Indonesia it seems that contraction in income activities in some income classes is affected. In the second quarter there is a slowdown, then in the third quarter the savings are enormous. It could be that consumption, which has been a factor in economic growth, will be a challenge. In an effort to maintain economic stability during the Covid-19 pandemic. This reflects that the economies of ASEAN countries, even in the world, are currently under the same pressure due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the world economy this year will experience a recession.

Analysis of Consumer Assessment in Small and Medium Enterprises "Raja Abon Makmur Lestari" on Shredded Products and Mix Marketing

Author: Yulia, Yulia, Novyandra Ilham Bahtera, Rati Purwasih
Raja Abon Makmur Lestari's business has good potential, resulting in considerable business competition. One of the businesses that produce shredded is Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) Raja Abon Makmur Lestari. This business must apply a consumer-oriented marketing concept. The application of this concept is to determine the marketing mix consisting of product, price, promotion, and place. The purpose of this study was to analyze consumer assessments of the various attributes of shredded products and evaluate the results of the shredded product marketing mix strategy. The method used in this research is descriptive analysis, with the 4P marketing mix approach. The marketing mix strategy evaluation design involves internal parties, namely business owners, and external parties, namely consumers. The results of the discussion show that consumer assessment of products has guaranteed quality, consumer ratings of prices are in accordance with quality, consumer assessments of shredded product distribution are easy to obtain and consumer assessments of promotion by word of mouth are very efficient and easy to get information on social media. The evaluation results of the marketing mix for shredded products are in the range of 101-125. Based on this total value, it can be concluded that all the variables of the marketing mix carried out by the king of shredded and prosperous sustainable have been effective.

Implementation of the Internet of Things for Monitoring the Companys Electrical Power Consumption

Author: Kango, Riklan, Suhaedi Suhaedi, Fadli Awal Hasanuddin
This research aims to design an electric panel monitoring system using the Internet of Things technology in company buildings so that consumers can monitor real-time electricity consumption. The energy consumption monitoring method that we propose uses PM2100 by implementing a real-time monitoring function of the power consumption of a 3-phase electric panel. The monitoring system implementation results show that the value is very close to measuring the digital multimeter measuring instrument. The monitoring system produces a current measurement accuracy of 97.38% with an error of 2.62%, while the 3-phase voltage measurement error is 0.616%. This system design helps companies obtain information faster to be considered data to improve efficiency in the Company.

Perception of Tourist Guide to Gorontalo Tourism Destination

Author: Laxmiwaty, Srilian, Sri Sunarti, Desrika Talib, Anggraeni M. S. Lagalo
This study discusses tourists gude overview regarding the destination of tourism place in Gorontalo. This sort of inquire about is quantitative. Information collection strategies in this consider incorporate perception, this strategy is done by watching all exercises at the inquire about locationThe results shows that in terms of openness, Gorontalo has met the standard of accessibility of get to for sightseers to enter and exit Gorontalo as well as most of the get to to different visitor attractions in Gorontalo Tourism Goals. it is fundamental to extend the quality of human assets within the tourism division in Gorontalo. An appraisal of the uniqueness of Gorontalo culture which is considered exceptionally great may be a reality that happens in each locale in Indonesia since Indonesia is wealthy in social differing qualities which of course has its possess uniqueness.

Comparison of Economic Activities: Time Deposits, Investments, Income and Needs

Author: Shin, Hsu Yu, May Zin Ong
This article aims to discuss the comparison of economic activities including time deposits, investment, income and needs. The advantage of a bank by raising reserves through stores is that the cash put away can take longer, considering that stores have a moderately long period of time and the recurrence of withdrawals is additionally uncommon. Hence the bank can unreservedly utilize the credit of these stores. Income in common is regularly related to the sum of cash an individual gets as a result of something done, done, or contributed. The pay is at that point utilized or went through to meet different needs in life for a certain period of time. it is vital to have Financial Management by giving need scale by prioritizing all things that are vital since the more noteworthy a person's pay more often than not the more he needs. The survey results within the AES business group show a significant comparison of the amount of income derived from investment and sales that generate income, while time deposits are rarely performed as a principal economic activity in generating income.

Implementation of Gaussian Process Regression in Estimating Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims Reserves

Author: Suwandani, Ria Novita, Yogo Purwono
This study aims to calculate the allowance for losses by applying Gaussian Process regression to estimate future claims. Modeling is done on motor vehicle insurance data. The data used in this study are historical data on PT XYZ's motor vehicle insurance business line during 2017 and 2019 (January 2017 to December 2019). Data analysis will be carried out on the 2017 - 2019 data to obtain an estimate of the claim reserves in the following year, namely 2018 - 2020. This study uses the Chain Ladder method which is the most popular loss reserving method in theory and practice. The estimation results show that the Gaussian Process Regression method is very flexible and can be applied without much adjustment. These results were also compared with the Chain Ladder method. Estimated claim reserves for PT XYZ's motor vehicle business line using the chain-ladder method, the company must provide funds for 2017 of 8,997,979,222 IDR in 2018 16,194,503,605 IDR in 2019 amounting to Rp. 1,719,764,520 for backup. Meanwhile, by using the Bayessian Gaussian Process method, the company must provide funds for 2017 of 9,060,965,077 IDR in 2018 amounting to 16,307,865,130 IDR, and in 2019 1,731,802,871 IDR for backup. The more conservative Bayessian Gaussian Process method. Motor vehicle insurance data has a short development time (claims occur) so that it is included in the short-tail type of business.

Efforts to Improve the Creative Economy During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Asean Countries

Author: Palla, Jovin, Kainoa Strickler
Increasing the creative economy during the pandemic is very urgent, as an effort to stabilize the economy in ASEAN. The character of the creative economy is characterized by economic activities that are based on the exploration and exploitation of creative ideas that have high selling value. All tourism ministers from ASEAN countries to strengthen tourism cooperation, one of the economic sectors hardest hit in the pandemic. Intelligent marketing is needed in order to know the strengths of our competitors and market tastes, because in the era of globalization, war is actually a war in the economic field and the creative economy is the main weapon. Strong cooperation in efforts to jointly handle the impact of COVID-19 in the tourism sector in the ASEAN region. All ASEAN members to jointly enhance cooperation not only in dealing with pandemic problems but also in terms of developing the creative economy.

Management Development Program to Increase Employee Capacity and Responsibility During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: Rahman, Rahis, Mehmood Faheem
This article discusses the urgency of a management development program. A development principle that combines experiential learning, classroom learning and learning through others. The program development strategy can run well if it is accompanied by a well-planned human resource and capacity development program. So that it is expected to be able to help achieve the goals in producing high quality human resources. The human resource development strategy is a plan on how the quality of human resources can develop into a better direction and increase their work capacity. and have good loyalty to the company. Human resource development is needed for the continuity of a company so that it can develop more dynamically. because human resources are the most important element in a company.