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Title of Inkishaf
DisciplineComparative Religion
Islamic Studies
Social Sciences
Blind Peer Review
Edited byAta ur Rehman
Publication details
Rah e Falah foundation (Pakistani)
Open Access
ISO 4Find out here
ISSN2790-8127 (print)
2790-8135 (web)
12 weeks

INKĪSHĀF is an open access, double-blind peer reviewed quarterly research Journal of international repute published by the Rah-e-Falah Foundation, Lahore. Articles by learned research scholars from all over the world are published in the INKĪSHĀF research Journal. In it different aspects of Islam and their impact on Muslim and non-Muslim societies are discussed. The Journal tries to foster internal as well as external dialogue among Muslims and with those of other faiths, in the fields of Islamic Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, in order to encourage an atmosphere conducive to universal peace and understanding, for a better world. It aims at interpreting the teachings of Islam in such a way as to bring out its dynamic character, in the context of the intellectual and scientific progress of the modern world. Furthermore, the Journal also encourages the authors to submit researches conducted under interdisciplinary collaboration on the important socio-Religious issues including interfaith harmony and studies in contemporary religions. The main objective of INKĪSHĀF is to promote Islamic based research through modern research techniques and social science methodologies. Furthermore, INKĪSHĀF is an Academic Journal devoted to Islamic research and scholarship. It is to serve as a forum for scholars to write objectively, analytically and, where ever necessary, critically on Islamic History, Philosophy, Science, Arts, Culture, Archaeology, Law, and Jurisprudence etc.

Published Issues


Aims & Scope

INKĪSHĀF aims to strengthen Islamic order by investigating in the modern world. INKĪSHĀF is the name of finding the Islamic solution of the world's complex subjects and social issues. INKĪSHĀF is excited to welcome academic researchers to get their scientific research published on a vast range of Topics of Islamic and Religious Studies i. e: Qurᾱn and the Sciences of Qurᾱn, Ḥadῑth and Sciences of Ḥadῑth, Islamic Theology, the Islamic Jurisprudence, the Islamic Economy, and Islamic Education, the contemporary Muslim world, Islam and the West, Comparative Religions, etc.

INKĪSHĀF believes in diversity, tolerance, and fruitful scholarly discussions and researches. INKĪSHĀF welcomes faculty members from various universities nationally & internationally, as well as freelancer researchers to publish their manuscripts and research works related to Islamic and Religious studies, without any racial or religious discrimination. INKĪSHĀF publishes manuscripts and articles after a double-blind peer review process, which is adhered to the magazine, and carried out by leading scientists and specialists in Islamic & Religious Studies in order to enhance the Islamic scientific research which has close linkages with the society.

Contact Info


Rah-e-Falah Foundition, Office no. 01, Qurban Line, Iqbal Colony, Lahore.

Principal Contact

Dr Ata ur Rehman

Editor Inkishaf


+92 301 479 5029

editor@inkishaf. org

Support Contact

Dr Hafiz Faiz Rasool


+92 310 320 7656

drhfrasool@lgu. edu. pk