Ibn Khaldoun Journal for Studies and Researches

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Ibn Khaldoun Journal for Studies and Researches 
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Title of Ibn Khaldoun Journal for Studies and Researches
DisciplineSocial Sciences
Editorial Review
Edited byAhmed Dalloul
Publication details
Ibn Alarabi center for culture and publishing (Palestinian)
Open Access
ISO 4Find out here
ISSN2789-7834 (print)
2789-3359 (web)
2021 weeks

Khaldoun Journal for Studies and Researches is a refereed Palestinian scientific journal, issued every month. It is concerned with publishing research, studies, book reviews, summaries of master’s theses and doctoral theses in the humanities and social sciences. It also publishes master’s and doctoral theses in their numbers. It follows normal arbitration conditions and imposes affordable fees, and provides free consultations to new researchers. In order to put them on the path of scientific research and knowledge production, with the help of some scientific research experts in the Arab world.

Aims & Scope

Contribute to knowledge production and scientific research in the human and social fields.

Assisting junior researchers in undertaking scientific research through advising and advising their research. 
Enable researchers to arbitrate and publish their research for a fee at hand. 
Helping some Palestinian researchers to arbitrate their research for free in light of the high prices of Arab and international arbitration

Contact Info

Website: https: //www. benkjournal. com

Email: benkjournal@gamil. com

Whatsapp: +970593276022

Telegram: https: //t. me/benkjournal

www. facebook. com/benkjournal