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Conference Proceedings of Educational Paradigm, Systems and Strategies 
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Title of Conference Proceedings of Educational Paradigm, Systems and Strategies
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Devasahayam: The First Martyr For Jesus Christ In Travancore

Author: Raj, Pushpa
Travancore was the first and foremost among the princely states of India to receive the message of Jesus Christ. According to tradition, St. Thomas the Apostle came to India in 52 A.D. He made many conversions along the west coast of India. It had to the beginning of the Christian Community in India from the early Christian era. He attained martyrdom in 72 A.D. at Calamina in St. Thomas mount, Madras. He was the first to be sacrificed for the sake of Christ in India. During the close of the second century A.D. the Gospel reached the people of southern most part of India, Travancore. Emperor Constantine deputed Theophilus to India in 354 A.D. to preach the Gospel. During this time the persecution of Christians in Persia seemed to have brought many Christian refugees to Malabar coast and after their arrival it strengthened the Christian community there. During the 4th century A.D. Thomas of Cana, a merchant from West Asia came to Malabar and converted many people. During the 6th century A.D. Theodore, a monk, visited India and reported the existence of a church and a few Christian groups at Mylapore and the monastery of St. Thomas in India. Joannes De Maringoly, Papal Legate who visited Malabar in 1348 has given evidence of the existence of a Latin Church at Quilon. Hosten noted many settlements from Karachi to Cape Comorin and from Cape Comorin to Mylapore. The Portuguese were the first European power to establish their power in India. Under the Portuguese, Christians experienced several changes in their general life and religion. Vas-co-da-gama reached Calicut on May 17, 1498. His arrival marked a new epoch in the history of Christianity in India. Many Syrian Catholics were brought into the Roman Catholic fold and made India, the most Catholic country in the East. Between 1535 to 1537 a group of Paravas were converted to Christianity by the Portuguese. In 1544 a group of fishermen were converted to Christian religion. St. Francis Xavier came to India in the year 1542. He is known as the second Apostle of India. He laid the foundation of Latin Christianity in Travancore. He could make many conversions. He is said to have baptized 30,000 people in South India. Roman Congregation of the propagation of Faith formed a Nemom Mission in 1622. The conversion of the Nairs was given much priority. As a result, several Nairs followed Christian faith particularly around Nemom about 8 k.m. south of Trivandrum. Ettuvitu pillaimars, the feudal chiefs began to persecute the Christians of the Nemom Mission. Martyr Devasahayam, belonged to the Nair community and was executed during the reign of Marthandavarma (1729-1758). It is an important chapter in the History of Christianity in South India in general, and of Travancore in particular.

Bystander Apathy –An Enquiry Into The Expression Of Humanity And Empathy In China (2013-2014)

Author: Johnson, Timothy Taulke
Aim To explore the apparent lack of personal concern for the welfare of others in China? To develop concepts to understand this  social phenomena in natural  settings using ethnographic and participatory research. Research Question How can the knowledge derived from qualitative research be used to improve the welfare of the poor in Shanghai? Ethics The study was carried out within the guidelines of the declaration of Helsinki. The study was characterised by anonymity, beneficence, non maleficence, and the  maintainence of  the dignity of participants Method Collection of data. The principle data source was “observation” spot observation”(Baksh 1990)”,participant observation”(Hammersley and Atkinson 1983)vignettes(Finch 1987,Sani Bin Gabi 1990), oral history(narrative) Conclusion The study was conducted ethically. It was a worthwhile study attempted to deal with current problems. The publication of this paper can be used to stimulate further enquiry into the problem of those in need of social welfare in Shanghai and China ,in the hope it will improve services where they are needed. Suggested solutions In a country where intergenerational family ties are so strong and “guanxi” exists it is paradoxical there is  little empathy for others. Confuscian values ,changed family beliefs, and education at school and  university may assist in increasing empathy . Learnt conditioning, to ignore or dissociate ,from another human being in   need of help, can be slowly overcome by implementing universal and improved changes in societal living conditions. This can be achieved  by improving social welfare programs, spearheaded by a compassionate government. There is a view that it is an egregious and transparent fiction, to promulgate and publically promote, the philosophies and policies of communism ,yet allow these curable social ills to remain. ”Rex ipsa Loquiter”.The healthy should help the sick,the rich should help the poor and the employed should help the unemployed ,Proportionately,in accordance with what they have they should give. The promotion of a “ forward thinking, humane , listening and open society ,rather than a closed, narrow ,opaque, inward looking “weltanschaung” would assist societal reform. We “bystanders”, we must all try to imagine we are in the  place  of those in need, and  feel aas they do , in their situation. We must follow the advice of Mencius (372-289BC) and develop and use “empathy” As Mencius  said,”a  developed  human heart is the basis  of a moral life”

Development and Validation of a Self-Concept Scale for College Students Using Comics Superhero Characters

Author: Faustino, Jr. Raymundo
Self-concept refers to the domain of self-descriptions that have self-evaluative connotation. Though many researchers embarked in the study of self-concept, and some even developed tests that measured self-concept, majority of these instruments had methodological and theoretical problems due to lack of systematic instrument development and presentation. The objective of the study is to develop a reliable and valid alternative approach to measuring the self in a semi-structured undisguised comics-type test that directly accounts for the way college students consider their choices of superheroes’ traits that characterizes their own. A preliminary survey on self-concept, in a form of open-ended statements was conducted to five hundred ninety-eight (598) college students of selected schools in Manila and Bulacan to know how college students see themselves indicatory of their self-concepts. Results of which, were collated to form the preliminary form. The preliminary form of the SCSS was administered to five hundred ninety-five (595) college students of different universities and colleges. Eighty-eight (88) items under eight (8) components were subjected to item analysis by identifying factors through a series of exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Descriptive results were also calculated, as well as the exact reliability coefficient through split-half and Cronbach’s alpha. For the validity, content analysis was applied using two groups of experts who ascertain the suitability of each item in terms of content, relevance, clarity, appropriateness and their representations. They include three (3) experts who have a long experienced in comics industry and another three (3) experts in the field of college students’ self-concept formation. From the total of 88 items, 30 items were eliminated. However, the items that constitute the final form of the SCSS was concentrated into 55 items under six (6) factors upon post-analysis consideration. Statistical analysis revealed that the experts’ ratings were consistent and has high reliability with a generated r value of .894.The SCSS final form was administered to 809 respondents following the same procedures that were used for the preliminary form. The test scores were subjected to reliability facility, such as Alpha Coefficient and Split-Half, computing the reliability coefficients of the final form. Validity was established through convergent analysis, tested in a sample of 419 respondents who took the Tennessee Self-Concept Scale (TSCS: 2) Adult Form. The test was found to have high reliability with r = .792.

The Health and Sanitary Status of Mamanwa Indigenous People in Selected Areas in Caraga Region

Author: Mapatac, Levitah
This study aims to determine the health and sanitary status of the Mamanwa indigenous people in selected areas in CARAGA Region. The respondents were the Mamanwa people who are residents of Cantugas, Mainit, Surigao del Norte community, and Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte community. The study used descriptive research design utilizing questionnaire and personal interview in gathering the data. The total population of the respondents is 69 and respondents from both communities were selected based on simple random design.   The study used percentage and mode/majority criterion, weighted mean, and Kendal-tau correlation. The findings showed that in the extent of health and sanitation education which was divided into three factors: Factor 1 which is the regularity of adopting health and sanitation practices shows a mean rating described as always except for item 9. Factor 2 was about exposure to health and sanitation campaign and education show a mean rating of sometimes. Factor 3 is about awareness on health and sanitation show a mean rating of sometimes. On the economic status of Mamanwa people which was the (factor 1) economic status of Mamanwa parents, 75.4% of the Mamanwa parents send their children to school and 64.9% of Mamanwa parents’ allocated budget for clothing and other personal necessities. On social status of the location (factor 2), only 35.1% of the respondents said that they have proper waste disposal and segregation.  The results showed that Mamanwa children regardless of sex and age were undernourished and there is a significant relationship between the regularity of adopting health and sanitation practices with hygiene on health care where it had an R-value of 0.47 and 0.35 respectively. Lastly, only economic factor on the social status of the location had a significant relationship on the health status of Mamanwa children in terms of BMI which had an R-value -0.20 and p-value 0.049.

Education Curriculum of Learning In Children

Author: Ranjan, Vedamoni
To develop in children a broad range of skills, including the problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills that are essential for successful living in a rapidly changing society.  The curriculum encourages student initiative by providing children with materials, equipment, and time to pursue activities they choose.  At the same time, it provides teachers with a framework for guiding children’s independent activities toward sequenced learning goals. There are seven specific types of learning styles. Visual learners prefer to learn mathematics through pictures, diagrams etc.  A well-balanced intelligent child is able to develop all the types of learning styles. The students have to understand and accept their type of learning style earlier so that learning becomes easier and less stressful in the future. But it is important to train and practice the other types of learning styles so that the children can utilize them as effectively as possible. The teacher plays a key role in instructional activities by selecting appropriate, developmentally sequenced material and by encouraging children to adopt an active problem-solving approach to learning. This teacher-student interaction teachers helping students achieve developmentally sequenced goals while also encouraging them to set many of their own goals uniquely distinguishes the High/Scope Curriculum from direct-instruction and child-centered curricula (high/Scope Educational Research Foundation, 1989).  Teachers keep notes about significant behaviors, changes, statements, and things that help them better understand a child’s way of thinking and learning.  Teachers use two mechanisms to help them collect data: the key experiences note form and a portfolio.  The High/Scope Child Observation Record is also used to assess children’s development.  According to Ronald Barnett, learning may or may not take place when a subject is taught.  While discussing this point he has presented two contrasting images of quality.  They are institutional performance and student experience, student learning or student achievement.  The teacher in his opinion is central to higher education.  Teaching may be able to improve the quality of student’s learning but the teacher should remind himself that it may also impair the quality of student’s learning.  This is partly because student’s learning strategies vary under two polarities, one between deep and surface understanding and the other between holistic and atomistic understanding of their learning experiences.  He goes on to add that for a student, learning has three distinct aspects: learning style, motivation and curriculum demands.  Therefore teachers have to pursue, beyond teaching strategies to enable their students to attain certain specific skills.

Computer Aided Instruction For Preschoolers In Mathematics

Author: Saldon-Eder, Marylene Saldon-Eder, Paul Rojas, Mary Grace Empasis, Love Jhoye Raboy
Computers are increasingly a part of pre-schoolers to professional lives. The use of multimedia in education has significantly changed people’s learning processes.  Computer technology holds promise for improving student performance and quality of teaching education program at all levels. Today, development has been rapid and technology has been acknowledged as an additional teaching tool. Results from a number of research studies indicate that appropriately designed multimedia instruction enhances students’ learning performance in mathematics, and literacy. The purpose of the present paper was to discuss research avenues employing computers as a learning tool and to analyse the results obtained by this method at the pre-schoolers learning level.

Trash Rush – Educational Mobile Game For Android Devices

Author: Rosal, Jericho, John Benedict Palado, Ian Juario, Fe Yara
As population grows faster, the rise of garbage collection follows.  Massive information dissemination of waste management has been done by local representatives to educate people but despite the effort exerted still mismanagement of waste exist that caused serious environmental consequences to nature and human beings.  This condition ignites the researchers to develop a technology-based means to help disseminate proper disposal of garbage through the use of mobile phones.  Trash Rush educational mobile game application utilized Lua Scripting Language for game features, system behavior and synchronizes the phone sensor to the system. The Lua tool is decoded to JSON codes and sent to PHP MySQL in the webserver for storage. For tilting motion and orientation of the phone, the researchers employ the accelerometer sensor as the main navigation controller.   For sound and background effects, the Reactable Application is utilized.  The Box2D game engine is used to analyze and interpret the images and graphic effects while the Box2D API is utilized for object movement and animation. The Motion Parallax effect is also used to give more realistic effects in movements of the objects and the graphical background of the game. All these components are extracted through the APK file of Corona SDK to build and publish the app.  Upon reaching to the deployment stage of iterative model, it was found out that the system became viral to grade levels in the campus because of its story and time attack mechanism.

Impact of Outreach Programs to the Personal Development of the Beneficiaries of the School of Saint Anthony, SICAP Foundation

Author: Semorlan, Ava Ann
The study determined the impact of the three programs of the School of Saint Anthony’s Socio Civic Action Programs to their recipients. The recipients involved in this study include the parents and pupils of the GABAY or Guidance and Basic Assistance for the Youth program (Saturday tutorial and feeding program), students enrolled in the school’s free vocational programs, and the less fortunate scholars of the Student Financial Aid program.  The survey approach was conducted to around 200 GABAY students and parents, 92 vocational students and 15 SICAP scholars. Data was collected through frequency count, charts, tables and graphs. The gathered data presented an overview of the different impacts and benefits experienced by the respondents under study. Data revealed how the GABAY program helped in the mental, social and values development of the students based on the perspectives of the parents and their children. The Vocational program, on the other hand, helped its students better develop themselves leading them to a positive insight of having a better life ahead. Positive responses were also gathered from the SICAP scholars with regard to their academic, values, social and spiritual development. It was found necessary for organizations to support different outreach activities like the SSA SICAP Foundation considering the positive impacts these activities bring to their recipients.

Multiple Intelligences: Learners VS Teachers

Author: Fabian, Aaron Christopher, Shane Reza Amath, Harry Canlas, Sandra Dimal, Pamela Mercado
The study investigated the relationship of the multiple intelligences of the Bachelor of Secondary Education students and their teachers in their major subjects. Four hundred eighty-five (485) BSED students and twenty-two (22) teachers in their respective major subjects participated. The result demonstrates statistically significant in the multiple intelligences of the Bachelors of Secondary Education Major in Technology and Livelihood Education and Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health and their teachers in their respective major subjects. However, result also demonstrates no significance in the multiple intelligences of the Bachelors of Secondary Education Major in Filipino, English, and Mathematics and their teachers in their respective major subjects. The study shows that the dominant intelligences of the BSED students and their teachers in their major subjects are the interpersonal, intrapersonal, and their suited intelligences for their major subjects. The result evidently showed that the BSED students and their major teachers are people and self smart. This only shows that as a teacher, one should know how to socialize appropriately with others and have a deeper understanding with themselves. It also showed that the teachers are really smarter than their students in their major field of specialization. Educators must also consider the multiple intelligences of their students to fully develop their learning capabilities.

Factors Affecting the Academic Achievements among Dean’s Listers of Caraga State University

Author: Cubillas, Cristina
The study assessed the relationship between the factors affecting the academic achievement of the dean’s listers’ of Caraga State University. It involves the total population of the dean’s listers in the said university. The independent variables are those pre-determined factors’ affecting the academic achievement of the dean’s listers’ of Caraga State University and the dependent variable is the grades of the dean’s listers’. The result shows the low relationship between the pre-determined factors and the academic achievement evidenced by the values of the p-values which are greater than . In terms of the academic achievement of the dean’s listers’ their grades signifies their excellence in their different chosen fields. With regards to the pre-determined factors, the factor that got the highest mean is the teachers’ competence with 3.7639 and the lowest one is the learning environment with 3.6690. The study habits’ got the second spot among the 4 factors followed by the learning styles. Based on Spearmen Correlation analysis in the data gathered, the results revealed that there is no significant relationship between the pre-determined factors and the academic achievement of the dean’s listers’ of Caraga State University. The p-values obtained are less than 0.05 for all the data set; that is accepting the null hypothesis. The results clearly depicts that the students’ study habit, learning style teachers’ competence and the learning environment has no influence to the achievement reached by the dean’s listers’. On the other hand, it is still very important to make and to maintain these factors visible in the academic arena for a better learning and for a better outcome. The absence of these factors might affect the performances of the students’ in Caraga State University.

Development of College of Industrial Technology FM Broadcast Trainer

Author: Pangilinan, Bernardo
An FM Broadcast Trainer was developed to expose the students to the basic equipment needed in radio broadcasting. The cost of Portable FM Broadcast Trainer is much lower than the cost of the traditional commercial equipment because of the materials used. The FM Broadcast Trainer is laboratory equipment that can be used by schools offering academic programs in Industrial Courses specifically Electronics Communication courses. At present there is no portable FM broadcast station available in the local market. Some schools are reluctant to by new FM station equipment since these are quite costly. To resolve this problem, the researchers deemed it necessary to design and develop a portable FM Broadcast Trainer that is simple and affordable to fulfil the basic curricular requirements for offering courses in Electronics Communication Technicians. This is a requirement for our graduates to qualify to take the Radio Telephone Operator examination given by the National Telecommunication Commission the telecommunication body in the Philippines counterpart of Federal Communication Commission in the US. Aside from this, the station will be a venue for Mass Communications students and a vehicle for channelling important announcement from the School.

Developing An Improved Heart Rate Monitor With Work-Out Training Android Application And Real Time Audio Coaching

Author: Dy, Perlie John, Terence Joy Lareche, Dave Daniel Coles, Meljohn Aborde
TechnoHeart is a digital way of monitoring heart rate using a Heart Rate Monitor device and an android phone. Moreover, this is made more special through its work-out training which is designed to help users set and achieve their target heart rate and monitor at what training intensity they are during a strenuous exercise. The training is made more interactive as the application has its real-time audio coaching. The need for this application comes from three sources; First, some athletes, non-athletes and even doctors are still using the traditional way of getting the heart rate; Second, training intensity is not monitored and target heart rate is not achieved; Third, most mobile developments do not tailor the need of users who undergo work-out training. With the following needs, objectives were set; First, to connect an HRM (Heart Rate Monitoring) device to an android mobile device and display individual’s heart rate in digital form through mobile; Second, to create a work-out training program using the Karvonen Formula; Third, to enable users know one’s target heart rate by using a Karvonen calculator; Fourth, to notify users in real time with every sudden change and the needed action in order to keep an effective training exercise. The project is to explore this and other similar concepts to develop a design that optimally satisfies all of these objectives. The project addresses all of these objectives while meeting the constraints given. The project was deployed in three different sets of users: The University of Mindanao Athletes, The elderly users aging from 50-80 years old and the other users aging from 12-49 years old. The researchers recommend the use of TechnoHeart for athletes and non-athletes who are aiming for an effective cardiovascular training. And for the next researchers, they can focus on the compatibility of the said application to other mobile platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Windows and etc. And also, they may upload application in the internet such as in social networking sites or any features that would make this project more usable.

Developing an Alternative Math Assessment Tool Using Speech Recognition

Author: Raboy, Love Jhoye, April Mae Ablon, Irish Jane Cabulay, Recy Mae Mendoza, Guilda Marie Nanaman
The world today is now in the era of Information Technology. The development of ICT-based processes specifically in the area of assessment in school is now visible. Project LISTEN (Literacy Innovation that Speech Technology ENables) is an inter-disciplinary research project at Carnegie Mellon University to develop a novel tool to improve literacy – an automated Reading Tutor that displays stories on a computer screen, and listens to children read aloud. This study does not provide right or wrong answers for they let the user evaluate the answer. The main objective of this study is to develop an Alternative Math Assessment Tool for Preschoolers using Speech Recognition. These software aims to assist teachers in the review of Math lessons for preschooler using speech recognition. The development of the system utilizes the System Development Cycle approach that includes data gathering to identify system’s expected functionalities, designing the system using Use-Case Diagram, integration of JSAPI for Voice Recognition, using Synthesizer software for reading the questions out loud, a graphical display of teacher representation and a graphical display for every questions in the review. Along in the development of this assessment tool is the implementation of the system. The system was developed using Java Programming language. It also uses MySql database to store data for preschooler, review questions and text answers. In the conduct of the review digital microphone and a speaker is needed. The developed system is capable of creating questions for a particular review, activating a review for the preschooler to take, and record the preschooler’s scores at every end of the review. The system also includes graphical display of questions. In the conduct of the review, the system was able to read out loud the questions, and a 5-second time span for the pupil to answer the review questions. The system will listen and the feedback from the study will display the correctly uttered answer. User testing results indicates an 83% correct response of system against the correct uttered answer of the preschooler.

The Role Of Attachment Style And Marital Quality In Attachment Injury Couples

Author: Begum, Rizwana, K.B. Kumar
The attachment system is thought to facilitate relationship goals by motivation seeking and bonding activities with significant others, particularly under times of stress (Bowlby, 1982). Attachment theory has also contributed to further understanding the marital relationship in terms of profound psychological and physiological interdependence. It is perhaps this interdependence that causes damage to the quality of attachment relationship. Hence, attachment injury is defined as “a specific incident or event in which one partner is unresponsive and inaccessible when one partner cries out for help in extreme need” (Johnson & Makinen, 2001). Therefore, marital distress or breakup in couple’s relationships does not happen suddenly, so understanding of attachment injury in relation to individual’s marital quality and attachment style would help practitioners to be equipped for appropriate and effective inventions. Further it would also help counsellors and mental health professionals to be familiar with the complexities of the topic by dealing with consequences of an attachment injury ethically and competently.  Therefore our study aimed at examining the prevalence and nature of attachment injury and its effect on marital quality, in a group of married heterosexual couples. It also attempted to associate attachment styles with and without attachment injury in couples. The study employed cross-sectional exploratory design with a set of self-administered measures. The sample comprised of 400 married individuals from urban Bangalore. Statistical results showed those individuals who were experiencing attachment injury are associated with poor marital quality. It was also seen that attachment injury was found to be associated with gender and insecure attachment style. Therefore our findings suggest that poor marital quality with insecure attachment style plays an important role in attachment injury over time. Based on the attachment style, further intervention strategies and effective programs should be designed for marital counselling. And marital enrichment programs may be useful to enhance marital quality to prevent the marital distress or breakups.

The Perception of Manobo Tribe on Different Aspects of Life: Their Effects on the Living and Social Conditions in San Luis, Agusan Del Sur

Author: Mamaoag, Natividad
The study attempted to determine the perception of the Manobo tribe and their effect on their living and social conditions in Barangay Sta. Ines, San Luis Agusan del Sur. The descriptive method was used in this study describes the perception among the Manobo tribe on different aspects of life: their living and social conditions.  This study was conducted in barangay Sta. Ines, san Luis Agusan Del Sur.  There were only 195 of them who were taken as the respondents and researcher used the standardized questionnaire which were taken from the book of Mendez and used by the previous researchers. Hence, no validation was needed.  The random sampling design was used in this study in selecting the respondents. On the level of perception among the Manobo tribe, the Manobos agree on their belief in god as supported with the total average weighted mean ranging from 2.01 to 2.73 or agree.  They strongly agree to get involved in social gathering as evidenced with total weighted mean of 2.21 or agree.  They strongly agree on good aspiration as evidenced with average weighted mean of 2.71 or agree.  They agree on the family practices as supported with the average weighted mean of 2.45 or agree.  They strongly agree on good family upbringing accompanied with an average weighted mean of 2.57 or strongly agree.  They also strongly agree on how to treat visitors accompanied with an average weighted mean of 2.79 or strongly agree. On the living conditions, the Manobos rank 1 that they do not depend their main source of income but they work hard to have additional income for their family needs.  They also rank 1 that their house is made up of wood, Nipa and bamboos for the shelter of their family and the Manobo rank 1 that they usually used herbal for their natural medicine but they send the sick person to the hospital for the health of the family. On the social conditions, the Manobos strongly agree to establish a neighborhood relationship with an average weighted mean of 2.78 or strongly agree.  They also agree to establish kinship relationship and community relationship as indicated with an average weighted mean of 2.84 and 2.78 or strongly agree respectively. On the effect of perception on different aspects of life, belief in God, social; gathering, family practices, family upbringing and aspiration are best predictors in the financial condition of Manobo.  Aspiration, family practices, treating visitors, wedding practices and social gathering are best predictors in neighborhood relationship.  Wedding practices, treating visitors, aspiration, family practices, social gathering, family upbringing and belief in God as the best predictors in kinship relationship Family upbringing, aspiration, and family practices are best predictors in community relationship.

Development and Evaluation of an Audio System Trainer

Author: Santos, Arnold
Guided by the desire to contribute a little in the development of an innovative instructional technology for the teaching of electronics, this researcher constructed a prototype audio system trainer. Electronics teachers will find the instructional tool convenient and practical to use for visual instruction, laboratory activities and troubleshooting works in electronics. To support the functionality of the audio system trainer, the researcher developed a supplementary laboratory manual. The project whose production costs totaled fourteen thousand two hundred seventy two pesos and fifty centavos (Php 14,272.50) was finished in two weeks’ time. However, this amount is small if compared to the prices of commercially available instructional device developed for the same purpose. The completed project and the supplementary laboratory exercises were evaluated by selected technical faculty members of the College of Industrial Technology of the Bulacan State University, Bulacan Polytechnic College, University of Rizal System, and Lyceum of the Philippines University. Sampling technique as used in the study is both purposive and incidental. The prototype audio system trainer received an over-all mean rating of 4.62 which means that the project is highly acceptable on a set of criteria which includes – physical features, cost, function / operations, and durability. Furthermore, the supplementary laboratory exercises obtained a mean of 4.70 which could be interpreted that the respondents strongly agree on the validity of the manual.